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Adult Dating Messaging Guide

You’ve burned out of coffee dates. You can’t do one more awkward “get to know her” call. You joined online dating so that you could avoid the dregs that is blindly approaching girls at bars. But its turned into a more blundering experience.

The good news is, Adult Dates is a far cry from the gawky coffee date. With Adult Dates, you get to the point.

You want to hook up. She knows that. You know that. You want her to be hot as hell. She wants you to know how to swing your pipe.

It’s all good.

But still, a hookup doesn’t magical rise like a Phoenix from the valley. You still need to message girls you find hot. And yes, it’s a lot better than mainstream dating site experiences. You won’t have to read a dating communications manual by eHarmony for eight hours in order to understand ‘what girls want.’

Instead, you just need to get your basics down and you’ll be off to a great start.

So let’s get this figured out.

What’s the best way to message Adult Dates hotties?

Realize She’s On Your Same Page

Does she enjoy long walks on the beach and hiking?

Who cares?

That’s not what Adult Dates is about. I remember my days on Almost every girl had “enjoys hiking” in her profile. The canyons must be packed on the weekends!

Maybe the girl you want to hookup with enjoys hiking. It does not matter in the least. She’s on Adult Dates, this means she wants to hookup. With this information in hand, get to the point.

Your initial messages needn’t overwhelm her. You can keep things simple.

“Hey, I’m intrigued, want to chat a little more and see if we work?”

“Your picture popped right of the page for me. Would love to chat. You down?”

Remember, she’s gonna take a pass over your profile and in an instant, decide if she might be willing to fuck you.

If she sees some long, romantic, cheeseball message, she’s gonna run. That’s not why she’s on Adult Dates.

Make Sure Your Hookup Message Has An Action Item

Did you notice a basic theme to those messaging examples above? Sure, they were all brief, to the point, communications.

But what else?

They all asked a question. They called her to action. It makes a big difference. Allow me to show you what I mean.

“You’re hot.”

Ok, so that’s it?

Try this instead.

“You’re hot. What do you think of me?”

This will evoke a sense of curiosity in her. She’s way more likely to respond when she’s prompted to respond.

Follow Up Once…

Often, you’ll get a reply within 24 hours from a local hottie. That’s because Adult Dates list active profiles the highest in search results.

Sometimes, a hottie may not respond immediately.

Maybe her husband walked into the room asking for a blowjob and she had to go. Maybe another guy from Adult Dates came over to get her a cum facial.

Things happen.

When you follow up, add some meat. You don’t want to just copy and paste your past response. You can note that she didn’t respond, but don’t be creepy about it.

“Hey, wanted to follow up, I’m super intrigued. Wanna exchange a few messages and see if we are hookup worthy?”

That’s a tight message right there.

You added a little meat so you stand out. She can feel your desire to make the hookup happen. You aren’t overwhelming her in a stalkerish way.


Messaging local hotties on Adult Dates isn’t rocket science. Always ask a question so you improve your chances at responses. Follow ups should have a little more meat, but not so much that you seem like a stalker.