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Discreet Dating Apps: Tips, Tricks, and Ways To Win

One of the prime reasons to choose an adult online dating platform, such as Adult Dates, is privacy. Being able to let your freak flag fly without fear of repercussions is sexy in it’s own right.

A yearning for discretion is hardly anything to be ashamed of, although many will criticize it. Sure, in some cases, lonely housewives are looking to find side-dick and don’t want to blow up their marriage. Who are we to judge?

In other cases, maybe you don’t want your entire office to find out you want a sexy discreet encounter. You wanting a no strings attached sexual conquest does not make you a bad person. It makes you human.

Adult Dates exist because us adults need to fulfill some fantasies that big box dating sites simply can’t fulfill.

But what good is a discreet adult dating site if you don’t understand how to maintain your privacy?

At Adult Dates, your privacy is our #1 concern. But we can only do so much. If you’re reckless, we can’t stop you from throwing your privacy down the disposal.

So pay attention to the below tips and tricks and be well on your way to hot private sex.

Observe The Gentleman’s Code

Sometimes, participating in an adult dating hookup environment can cause people to feel as though all regard for manners are out the door. But this could not be further from the truth. In fact, it’s imperative that you pacify your braggadocious side in lieu of keeping the sexfext going.

It’s manly nature to want to brag about having sex with sexy girls. You bang some rich dude’s wife on his brand name couch and you want to shout about it from the rafters. You want all your bros to know that your scoring top vagina.

Maybe that’s OK if you met her on your own (really, it isn’t), but it is a no-go when you met her on Adult Dates.

At Adult Dates, we do everything in our power to protect not only your privacy, but hers. If you blow that trust, you can bet your bottom dollar she’ll not blow you again. Bad pun, maybe, but the point is dead-on. Worse, she’ll rate you shitty on the network and you’ll struggle to regain trust throughout the community.

If you use Adult Dates, you’re going to score sexual experiences like none you’ve ever thought deserving of. The best thing to do is to keep it to yourself. Don’t tell your bros over craft beers. Don’t sing about it to your boss because you want to gain stature. Don’t post about it online using her name. Don’t squeal to other Adult Date members.

Just keep quiet and enjoy the experiences.

Lock Down Your Technology

Adult Dates leverages some of the best privacy technology in the world. But it can only do so much. If the person using it leaves their iPhone unlocked at a bar, or on the couch for his wife to find, privacy waters get much more murky.

Lock your iPhone. Make sure it requires your face, your fingerprint, or a code, to open. If you lose your iPhone, go in and deactivate it immediately.

Leave nothing to chance.

Remember, it isn’t just your information and private discussions up for grabs, it’s hers. If your wife contacts her husband because you left your iPhone unlocked on the dinner table, that’s on you.

Furthermore, no one should have access to your phone. Not your wife. Not your girlfriend. Not your mom (ugh, gross). If you and your wife share access to your devices, Adult Dates is not for you. We ask very little of you, but one thing we do ask is that you man up and make sure you have some semblance of privacy.

If you can’t do that, well, try this…

Get A Burner Phone

So your girlfriend must have access to your phone. You two fools have a shared Facebook account. Using your iPhone for Adult Dates is not an option.

First, good on you for being honest and not putting sexy housewives marriages at risk.

Now you can move on to greener pastures. Get a burner phone. Visit your local Cricket store and get a phone that doesn’t require monthly billing statements. You pay up front for minutes.

Now, you’ll need to secure your burner phone. This means never allowing it to be found. You MUST find a secure storage place for it. And don’t get into the habit of carrying it around. If your girlfriend finds you rolling with a burner phone, she won’t need to see what’s in it. She’ll just know


You’re privacy is her privacy. As long as you keep that as your Adult Dates motto, you’ll be fine. It’s not hard to keep a discreet profile in this world so long as you follow a few basic tips.