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The Free Adult Hookup That Ghosted You (What Happened)

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You were so close to scoring. She was a housewife gone off her marital vow reservation. You had a furiously hard dick ready for milf action.

She seemed into you.

You were definitely into her.

Then, she vanished.

Like a fart in the wind, she was gone.

Like the old VCR, she was no more.

Like theā€¦

OK, I'm going to stop with the metaphors. Because, I believe you get the idea. You invested time and energy into exchanging messages with a hot girl, then suddenly, she ghosted you.

Being ghosted happens on all dating sites, but less on free sex dating sites like Adult Dates. But again, even though the odds at being ghosted are less on Adult Dates, they aren't zero.

Sometimes, you feel all this momentum happening. You're at the cusp of finally meeting your local hookup at a motel. And then, she falls off the map. She stops returning messages. Its as if she never knew you.

Her Adult Dates profile shows active. But her communication line with you severed.

You're seemingly yesterday's chopped liver.

Before you try to "fix" the issue, it's important to understand why adult dating ghosting happens in the first place.

Let's break down the diagnostics.

You Got Too Emotional

Save the crocodile tears, or real tears, for girls on mainstream dating sites. These girls are over that junk.

I'm no stranger to mainstream dating tactics. Most Adult Dates members came from mainstream dating, or even still participate in it.

Playing the emotional card works in the mainstream, but not in adult dating. Because in the end, girls that are browsing guys on Adult Dates aren't interested in the old guard. They are looking for new, fun, and hot experiences. They want a no strings attached environment.

When you get super emotional, or start pretending your falling in love, they will ghost you faster than Casper in a haunted house.

Avoid Some of These Phrases

"It seems we were meant to be together!"

"I can't believe I met you on an adult dating site!"

"My family would love you!"

"Wanna have drinks with my friends and me this weekend?"

"I feel like we could more than just fuck buddies."

All of these phrases insinuate something more than just a fuck experience. She wants a warm cock in her pussy, not a cold ring on her finger. She doesn't want to meet your family or your bros, she, in fact, wants no one to know anything about you and her. If that feels uncomfortable to you, it might be best that you return to Adult Dates is all about the discreet sex experience.

This doesn't excuse being mean. You can be polite. And should be polite. You just shouldn't even slightly hint at love or dating.

Maybe at some point, that will happen. But the topic of dating long term should never be breached in the opening messages.

If you did this, it's probably why you were ghosted.

She Got Caught

Not everything that goes wrong is on you. You can follow all the free sex dating best practices and still get ghosted.

In some cases, housewives and girlfriends get caught. When this happens, they mass delete their free sex dating site profiles. Most girls won't choose you over being home wrecked. The entire reason they joined was so that they could get cock on the side but keep the home happy. When that falls apart, they move on from their adult dating profile.

They'll be back, probably in six months are less, though. Patience, my friend. You may be surprised when they suddenly pop up under a new Adult Dates profile name.

This section leads us to a couple more points.

Why Would She Get Caught?

If you aren't safe with your profile, you expose yourself to the risk of being discovered. It's easy to keep your Adult Dates profile discreet, but sometimes, people don't care to learn a few best practices. This isn't isolated to free sex dating sites like ours, it happens with text messaging, email, Facebook, you name it.

If someone doesn't care to take some simple precautions, they probably risk more than just their adult dating account.


Read our discreet adult dating guide to learn more.

Are You At Risk?

Ah, she ghosted you because she probably got caught by her husband. While she is sucking his dick while he drinks a beer on the couch to make up for her behavior, you're sweating an unwanted visitor looking to take you out.

Here's the thing: if you followed our discreet dating guide's best practices, you have nothing to worry about.

If you gave up your Facebook profile to this girl and he was able to see the messages, well then, yeah, after he cums in her mouth, he may reach out to you.

But you followed the rules of adult dating discretion, so you're good to go.


Being ghosted on a free sex dating site can be your fault, but not always. The key is to control what you can control, and that begins with not being overly emotional. To reduce the risk of girls getting their Adult Dates profiles confiscated by scorned lovers, always follow the rules of discretion. That's good advice, even on Facebook.